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Vivocare offers you fresh and exciting products and solutions for a healthy lifestyle.

Be and stay healthy is a major trend in today’s life. Vivocare is convinced that good health starts at home and therefore everybody should take on responsibility for his lifestyle. Vivocare provides home-use medical equipment which shall help you to act pro-actively when it comes to your health.

Vivocare accompanies you through all stages of your life, always seeking to supply unique and fresh state-of-the-art medical products which not only encourage you to manage your own health on a daily basis but also contribute to a healthy lifestyle with a lot of pure HEALTH ENJOYMENT moments.

In addition to our own very strict quality criteria and sensitive benchmarks, we have complied with ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 Quality Management System standards for several years already and we are very proud that our medical devices are CE certified since 2010. Year by year, we endeavor to steadily extend our product range while maintaining highest quality and improving current products' features according to the markets requirements.

As customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal we do our utmost to provide advanced in-house after sales & technical services as well as reliable and up-to date pricing information throughout the Middle East & Africa region. Education is therefore a key factor for us. Our own sales people and our dealers are trained by our own engineers on a regular basis. Hence, we can assure state-of-the art products combined with perfect customer support as well as after sales and technical services.

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